SPIDI was Founded in Montebello- Italy in 1977 by Renato Dalla Grana, and is a world leader in motorcycle apparel and accessories.SPIDI’S steady effort to improve the quality of motorcycling is not limited to just safety, comfort and ergonomics anymore. In the past, the success of a product was essentially bonded with its capacity to satisfy motorcyclists needs: protection against cold, rain, wearing, along with its handiness and functionality.Nowadays, the same evolution of consumers’ society elevated individual expectations towards new kind of products whose essence is codified in the product>design>communication mix.By Continuous research and experience gained from the SPIDI Safety Lab comes new technology, exclusively designed by SPIDI – a synthesis of history and innovation – two founding values of the SPIDI brand. SPIDI has always been focused on finding the best combination of comfort/safety, and after countless hours of experimentation on the track and through software simulations, plus tests in the urban environment, they have earned the title of a World Leader in motorcycle apparel and accessories manufacturing.SPIDI Australia is proud to release this website to the Australian market to bring the products we all trust and love to your home, and create a platform for you to purchase from our trusted Authorized SPIDI outlets here in Australia.


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