spidi h2out

Items branded as “H2OUT” are equipped with a special micro-porous waterproof, windproof, breathable membrane, that Spidi created after long term studies and testings in cooperation with big Japanese textile group Toray.

Spidi technicians created H2OUT membrane specifically for motorcycling, when water and wind soak through the fabric, and body
temperature tends to drop if the right protection is missing.

The exclusive H2OUT membrane is transpiring and prevents humidity to penetrate the garments, granting the biker a high comfort
level required to keep the best concentration while on the bike: an essential premise for a safe ride.

Thanks to the collaboration with Japanese company Toray, Spidi Spidi has been testing performance of motorcycle wear with the scientific use of Technorama artificial weather simulator for more than 20 years. Technorama simulates extreme riding environments in which Safety Lab technicians are able to better understand the performance of materials and solutions implemented in the collection.