[box_title subtitle=”(Performances while riding)” font_size=”20″ font_alignment=”center” border=”middle” border_color=”#cdcdcd” subtitle_font_size=”12″]ACTIVE SAFETY[/box_title]


Its specific design transmits a sense of safety and aerodynamics; the shields are stitched under the leather/textile, only few millimetres. They do not after the aerodynamic aspect of the garment.


The shape of certified warrior shields has been studied in order to perfectly follow the human body. Warrior cubes structure and the smoother plastic placed near stitches permit bio-mechanic movements in 2 axis of the items..


Avoid relevant growth in terms of weight and dimensions; the weight on shoulders increases of 50gr than a traditional SPIDI’s product. It means that the product’s total weight increases about 1.15%.

Thermal Comfort

The specific structure of empty cubes permits the dissipation of body sweat.

[box_title subtitle=”(Performance in case of impact with the ground)” font_size=”20″ font_alignment=”center” border=”middle” border_color=”#cdcdcd” subtitle_font_size=”12″]PASSIVE SAFETY[/box_title]

Abrasion Resistance

The polymer used in the shield permits high resistance to abrasion, reducing heat transmission thanks to the inner structure of the item.

Impact Absorption

Warrior cubes’ structure permits a high level of energy’s dissipation. This is possible thanks to cubes’ deformation during the impact, creating a vertical wall.

Facilitate Sliding

Facilitate sliding after impact with the ground; smooth surface of warrior cubes facilitates sliding during impact with the ground.

Avoid Sparks

Avoid sparks during impact with the ground; thermoplastic material used does not produce any sparks during impact with the ground.